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We Are Free Spirited

California's First Alcohol Free Sober Craft Cocktail Lounge!

Non- alcoholic means 0.5% or less, alcohol free means 0.0%

Free Spirited was conceptualized by Amber Pennington to cater to those who are sober because they choose to be, medically cannot drink alcohol, or who are taking a break from drinking alcohol! We firmly believe you can have a good time and take a load off without the dangerous influence of alcohol. 

Our lounge welcomes you with elegance and style. With luxurious & comfortable booths bathed in elegant lighting, you will be transported to a elevated cozy experience. 

We have multiple games to enjoy, and coloring books (they aren't just for kids) as well!

Our bar director, Arleo De Guzman created a full drink menu that does not falter on any aspect of how we enjoy drinks. He carefully catered to taste, mouth feel, bouquet, and visual appeal so the drinking experience is not only safe, it is enjoyable too. If you're looking for a sober version of your favorite classic cocktail, do not hesitate to ask! If we don't have it on your first visit, we'll definitely have it at your next. 

Our head chef, Amber Pennington, created our sharables menu that is fully gluten free and ranges from pescatarian to vegan in its options. Although they are all healthy options, they pack a punch with flavor and are meant to not only wow the tastebuds, but the eyes as well. 

Our menu will have a small seasonal change quarterly. Tips and tax are included in the price.

We can not wait to hang out with you! Cheers!

    Hey! I'm Amber Pennington!

    As someone who nearly lost their life to a drunk driver, who has become handicapped because of said accident, and has experienced the tragic loss of my best friend due to addiction, it became my mission to create a nightlife spot that did not rely on the influence of alcohol. 

    Thus our sober craft cocktail lounge was born! As I love to dance "as if no one is watching" I wanted to create a safe space where everyone felt welcome to be themselves! Free Spirited is a space for people to enjoy a fun, social environment without feeling left out by flimsy mocktail menus, and for people who need a sober environment to maintain their sobriety and/ or their sanity :).

    I adore my pets, and you may see one of my three service dogs (Freya, Remy, and Lancelot) on premises if I am having a bad body day (it happens with my kind of disability).

    I am an avid animal rights activist, painter, makeup artist, model and actress. So we are planning on having an "artist of the month"!

    I met the love of my life, Arleo right before the pandemic, and  quarantine threw us into living together much faster than we originally planned, thus our drink (and our song) Quarantine Heart.

    I firmly believe that we don't need alcohol to have a good time and create lasting memories, and it's about time the world realizes that too.

      What Up, I'm Arleo De Guzman.


      If you told me ten years ago that I'd be a bartender, I would have laughed. I had no interest in alcohol or bars. I'd always had a fondness for taking care of my friends though so I would bring snacks to any parties we went to while they drank. Then I had my first drink. Which unfortunately became many, many more. 

      It took a DUI for me to realize how much I was risking and how many people I could have hurt. I went sober for 9 months after the DUI to try to find myself again.

      And that's how I realized that bars weren't catering to those who were sober in any way.

      I want Free Spirited to be a place for people like Amber who don't ever drink alcohol and people like me who just need to take a break every so often.

      I love learning new things and exploring ideas with people. If you have any questions about how we make or do anything here at Free Spirited, just ask! I don't believe in secrets.

      I also love animals of any kind. In my rare down time, you'll probably see me reading manga and manhwa. I may also have videos of people playing video games as background noise while I make ingredients or do some computer work.

      You can also find me at another niche concept, Guildhall eSports Bar in Burbank & Whittier which has alcohol and a larger-than-average selection of non-alcoholic cocktails and beers. (Thank you Amber for motivating me to push for that!)

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