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Want a delicious drink in a pretty glass without the buzz?

We make our spirits in house to guarantee 0.0% ABV

Scroll through to learn more about our alcohol free craft cocktails!

Cocktail List
All House Cocktails are $14 with Tax & Tip built into the price

Health Conscious

You've already decided to cut alcohol out, so why not make an even healthier choice?

These cocktails include alternative sugars and other ingredients that can do great things for your body!

All My Best.JPG

All My Best

Aloe Herb Spirit, Beet, Apple, Turmeric, Honey, Ginger,
Fresh Cracked Black Pepper, Crystallized Ginger

If you follow our newsletter and receive emails from us, you'll notice that Amber uses this phrase instead of "Sincerely"

Bold, Earthy, Healthy

Green Moissanite

Citrus Rind Spirit, Rosewater, Agave, Citric Acid,
Fresh Pressed Cucumber

Rather than a diamond, Amber and Arleo have this meteorite gem as the center stone for their rings

Calm, Herbal, Fresh

Green Moissanite.JPG.png


Roasted Grain Spirit, Grapefruit, Stevia, Aquafaba,
Free Spirited Bitters Spritz

Our default diabetic-friendly cocktail, this is named after long time friends and supporters of Free Spirited, Aubrey and Jack

Well Balanced, Sour, Velvety

Scooter SSR

Healthade Pineapple Kombucha, Coconut Cream,
Spicy Pepper, Vanilla, Agar Boba, Mint Sprig

A very specially named drink for the scooter Amber was riding the day she was hit

Creamy, Zippy, Complex

Scooter SSR

Funky Flavors

Sometimes you want that bitterness and edge of alcoholic cocktails without the buzz

With their unique flavors, these cocktails will have you wondering if you stepped into the wrong bar!



Aloe Herb Spirit, Grapefruit, Blackberry Balsamic Shrub,
Mint Sprig, Blackberry

While they did keep their own last names, Amber and Arleo plan to have their children have this combination name of their parents

Punchy, Jammy, Sharp

Firepit Nights

Roasted Grain Spirit, Lemon, Spicy Pepper, Rosemary,
Topo Chico, Torched Rosemary

So hot, you'll think you're sipping straight out of a backyard bonfire!

Caliente, Smoky, Peppery

Firepit Nights.JPG
Tough Tide.JPG

Tough Tide

Spiced Molasses Spirit, Pineapple, Lime, Cinnamon,
Demerara, Smoked Cinnamon

A tropical treat  named after Arleo and Amber's first date spot :

Strongwater in Anaheim

Tiki, Baking Spice, Straightforward

X-ed Out

Citrus Rind Spirit, Ginger, Honey, FS Sweet Vermouth,
Liquid Smoke

Arleo's left wrist has a tattoo of three checkboxes that was meant to help him curb his alcoholic drinking

Pungent, Buttery, Rich

X-ed Out

Sweet Stuff

Sugar is a craving we love satisfying (in moderation)

These drinks will hit your sweet tooth with added complexities

Crafter Hours.JPG

Crafter Hours

Aloe Herb Spirit, lime, Taromilk Orgeat, Martinelli's,
Your choice of Lychee, Kiwi and/or Mango Popping Boba

When Arleo went sober, he and his friends decided to do arts & crafts and games instead of going out to the local bars

Crisp, Tangy, Refreshing

Moon & Stars

Citrus Rind Spirit, Rosemary, Orange Cordial, FS Bitters, 
Orange Twist, Rosemary Stalk, Luxardo Cherry

Danielle and JR, the reason Amber and Arleo met, call each other these pet names

Silky, Citrusy, Bittersweet

Moon & Stars_edited.jpg
Quarantine Heart.JPG

Quarantine Heart

Pineapple, Coconut Cream, Grenadine, Lemon, 
Raspberry Sugar Rim

The drink that started it all, Arleo wrote a song for their 6 month anniversary that eventually was finished for the proposal

Zesty, Thick, Fruity

Very Magical Cat

Roasted Grain Spirit, Rosewater, Passionfruit, Vanilla,
Butterfly Peaflower

Tonks was an incredibly sweet cat who we sadly lost shortly after opening Free Spirited. She is now immortalized in this new visually-appealing crowd favorite

Light, Floral, Vanilla

Very Magical Cat


When you need that extra boost of energy to party!

Can't do caffeine? We have decaf and no caff versions of all these cocktails!



CLEAN Cause Yerba Mate, Kiwi, Grenadine, Beet, Apple, Turmeric, Blue Spirulina

Our love of rainbow lights personified in drink form

Need it decaf? Ask for Lime Lacroix or Martinelli's!

CLEAN Cause donates a portion of its proceeds to organizations supporting those struggling with addiction

Smooth, Mellow, Delicate

Nueva Ecija

Black Tea Blend, Pineapple, Passionfruit, Taromilk Orgeat, Matcha Dust

Arleo's parents are from this rural mountain town 6 hours north of Manila

Need it decaf? Ask for Roasted Grain Spirit with Liquid Smoke!

Nutty, Tropical, Funky

Nueva Ecija.JPG
Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

Cold Brew Concentrate, Blackberry Balsamic Shrub, FS Sweet Vermouth, Marinated Oak Smoke

Phoenixes are reborn from ashes, this cocktail's flavor is birthed in smoke

Need it decaf? Ask for Spiced Molasses Spirit!

Robust, Ash, Aromatic


Cold Brew Concentrate, Lemon, Cinnamon, Demerara, 
Aquafaba, Cinnamon Dust Stencil

The best way to represent the energy needed to care for 3 dogs and 4 cats

Need it decaf? Ask for decaf espresso!

Light, Floral, Vanilla

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